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Teacher’s Day in korea

Teacher’s Day in korea. and Teacher’s Day song

Teacher’s Day song

Teacher’s Day in korea

Teacher’s Day in Korea is one of the national holidays in Korea. This day is dedicated to repaying the kindness of teachers. It is held annually on May 15th of the solar calendar, which also coincides with the birthday of one of Korea’s greatest figures, always mentioned first among its greatest heroes—King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty. King Sejong’s significant contribution was the creation of the Korean alphabet, Hangul, which he taught to the entire nation, making him akin to a teacher for all Koreans.

Teacher’s Day in Korea is on May 15

However, it wasn’t always observed on this date. The origin traces back to students in some regions visiting their teachers on May 8. However, May 8 is also Parents’ Day, so the date was moved to coincide with the birthday of King Sejong the following week. This date has been commemorated to this day. Each year, the Korean government awards commendations to exemplary teachers.

Teacher’s Day is significant in Korea for several reasons

Most schools end classes early on this day, which is a notable event. Additionally, schools may show videos related to Teacher’s Day or organize events where students present flowers to their teachers. Some schools even take the day off entirely, although this is less common in universities. Many university professors continue to teach as usual on this day.

Here was a risk that this day might be abolished

On Teacher’s Day, it was common for numerous gifts, akin to bribes, to be exchanged, but there were no solid measures to prevent this. Teachers had to rely solely on their conscience. In fact, it was rare for students not to give anything at all; at a minimum, they felt compelled to prepare even a simple snack. Many advocated for the abolition of Teacher’s Day to eliminate such practices. Recently, since teachers are public officials, they cannot accept bribes, which would be illegal under laws like the Kim Young-ran Law.

Two common cases

On Teacher’s Day, depending on the class situation, there are typically two common scenarios. The first involves the class president organizing a surprise party in the classroom. Alternatively, some classes may choose to spend time quietly with the teacher, even turning off the lights for a more subdued atmosphere. Of course, there are various other ways to observe this day as well. Some people even visit their former teachers after becoming adults.

Many other countries also have similar days

It is known that many countries have days with similar purposes and intents as Teacher’s Day in Korea. There is a clear reason why such days are prevalent: a teacher is an important figure regardless of nationality. And there is consensus on the need for a day to honor such educators.

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