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How about trying a glass of Korean bomb shot?

How about trying a glass of Korean bomb shot as we approach the end of the year?

As the year-end festivities and events increase, it’s natural for people to enjoy a drink or two. During this time, why not give Korea’s bomb shot (So-Maek) a try?

At one point, there was a trend on TikTok in the United States called the “BORG Challenge.” This drink, often referred to as “The Borg,” stands for Black-out Rage Gallon. The term “BORG” suggests making your own drink in a 1-gallon container to enjoy at parties. This culture emerged due to concerns about issues related to alcohol and crime at parties, so individuals carry their own glass to prevent such problems.

Here, within the concept of BORG, you can create Korean bomb shots, which are essentially a mix of Soju and beer. Enjoy!

The term “Korean bomb shot” is mostly used to refer to a drink that combines beer and soju. Such a mixed drink can also be called by different names in other regions, such as “So-Maek” or “Boilermaker.”

The typical method for making Korean bomb shots is as follows:

  • Start by pouring beer into a glass. In South Korea, commonly used beer brands like “Cass” or “Hite” are often chosen for this purpose.
  • Next, prepare soju in a separate small glass. Soju has a high alcohol content and a strong flavor.
  • Finally, pour the soju into the beer glass. Typically, the soju glass is placed upside down inside the beer glass to allow the soju to mix with the beer. During this process, the alcohol content increases, resulting in a stronger and more flavorful drink.

Enjoy your Korean bomb shot!

Korean bomb shots are known for the distinct separation of beer on top and soju at the bottom. As you mix the soju and beer, it creates bubbles and foam. Consuming the drink quickly while the foam is present enhances the intense flavor experience. The fusion of the flavors and aromas of soju and beer can bring a smile to the lips of those who partake.

Korean bomb shots are typically enjoyed at bars or gatherings with friends and are also commonly featured in K-dramas and K-movies.

However, it’s important to always drink in moderation and exercise caution when enjoying alcoholic beverages.

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