"Your First Korea" wants to connect you with Korea.

I wanted to create a website to introduce Korea for those who are interested in my home country, the place We live and love. In this way, “Your First Korea” wants to become “Your Friend Korea”.

so, I want to explain what I know, or bring various information and upload it here to give you information. I hope that all of these things will be of some help to you.

Once again, welcome to your visit here, and now it’s time for you to get to know Korea better.

If you’re looking for stories and information about Korea that are not our personal experiences, refer to the links on the right or check out YouTube.

Korea Tourism Organization’s Youtube

1. ‘Imagine your Korea’


2. Visit Korea’


You might already know a lot about Korea.

Below, you can find a variety of content. From festivals and food to news that can help you learn Korean or know more about Korea.

We hope the content We’ve prepared will be helpful to you. If it leads you to know a bit more about Korea, and to take a bit more interest in Korea, that’s truly what we want.

I’m sure, I’ll come to like you all the more as you come to like Korea.

I’m glad to have met you, and  grateful for getting to know you.