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Couple’s Day in korea

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couple's day in korea

Couple’s Day in korea

Couple’s Day in Korea is an official commemorative day. It is a day created to reflect on the relationship between spouses and to encourage harmony.

The first request to establish the commemorative day was made in December 2003.

The civilian organization “Couple’s Day Establishment Promotion Committee” played a leading role. This group requested the government to establish Couple’s Day as a commemorative day. Subsequently, with the government’s initiative, it gained approval from the National Assembly. May 21, 2007, was selected and elevated to a nationally recognized official commemorative day.

Couple’s Day in Korea is the first of its kind in the world

Korea has Children’s Day and Parents’ Day, which are widely recognized in other countries as well. However, Couple’s Day is different. As of 2023, no other country has officially established Couple’s Day as a national commemorative day. If there are any instances of Couple’s Day being recognized in other countries after this date, please let us know. Couple’s Day is significant in reminding one of the value of their partner and plays a major role in fostering a harmonious family. It would be beneficial if more countries adopted this day.

The reason for designating May 21st.

In Korea, Couple’s Day is observed annually on May 21st. The date signifies the union of two individuals (2) coming together in marriage to become one (1) couple. It was chosen as part of May, which is designated as Family Month in Korea. Other family-related national holidays in May include Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, and Coming of Age Day; even Teacher’s Day falls in May. Couple’s Day thus becomes the fourth family-related national commemorative day in May. Among these, only Children’s Day is a public holiday, possibly because it allows parents to spend the day with their children without work commitments. The other four coincide with Buddha’s Birthday to become public holidays. May, as Family Month, culminates with this day. Could it be that Buddha is also considered a member of the family?

couple's day in korea

Other stories 1

Originally, it was an initiative by Pastor Kwon Jae-do and his wife, who lived in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, in 1995. They established it to promote marital harmony and the importance of family. It was not a public holiday.

Other stories 2

Some argue that in times like these, when domestic disputes and marital conflicts contribute to family discord and broader social and economic issues, the prevalence of family separations and breakdowns in Korea is alarming. They question the need to create an unfamiliar day like Couple’s Day. Moreover, due to economic reasons among others, Korea has a very low marriage rate. The trend of preferring late marriages or choosing not to marry at all is also on the rise.

Other stories 3

Some even say that already having to buy gifts for Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, and Coming of Age Day, now an obscure thing called Couple’s Day has joined in, causing frustration. This is because now there is the added pressure for spouses to give each other gifts. There is also debate about whether the husband or the wife should give the first gift. But is there really a need to feel pressured about gifts? After all, the purpose of Couple’s Day isn’t solely about exchanging gifts; it’s primarily about appreciating each other.

Other stories 4

There are even more people who dislike Couple’s Day, especially those who are not yet married or are referred to as single men or women. They argue that Couple’s Day induces jealousy. They feel miserable for not being married yet and would prefer to remain single, yet unexpectedly, a day that hits too close to home has emerged. Of course, for those who were married but are now separated due to divorce, it might be a bitter day.

couple's day in korea

Couple’s Day in korea. and…

Couple’s Day is important, but it’s also essential that these principles are maintained daily between spouses or partners.

  • Never lose your smile. When you smile, everything turns positive.
  • Don’t be prideful. Apologize first and accept the other person’s apology.
  • Frequently engage in physical touch.
  • Respect each other’s privacy and focus on praising each other’s strengths.
  • Continuously engage in lots of conversation.
  • Never forget how you both were when you first met.
  • In arguments, listen to what the other person is saying first.
  • Make all decisions together.
  • Drop any oppressive attitudes. The more you try to dominate, the more you will be disregarded.

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